Treat Lupus Naturally With Cannabis


For those of us with Lupus, we know how much chronic inflammation and pain can completely ruin your day. Very often we are treated by our doctors with prescribed medications that result in more symptoms and side effects.

Finding natural remedies with little to no side effects is a long standing goal for Lupus fighters. Treating Lupus naturally with the right foods is something we all try with varied results.

However, it has become increasingly popular for many to use cannabis products like CBD oil for autoimmune difficulties. Cannabis is widely recognized for its therapeutic relief of pain and inflammation. Therefore, it makes it an ideal solution for some Lupus fighters.

Personally speaking, I had not even thought of asking my doctors about medical marijuana. I had been on so many different medications with different side effects that I eventually just learned to accept a new normal.

After a while, I met a few people who spoke highly on the effects of cannabis in Lupus patients. As I learned more and more about medical marijuana, its benefits, and the medical marijuana program in my state, I decided to ask my doctor about it.

My doctor felt it would help my pain and insomnia in a natural way and he gave me the green light. I must say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a minute.

The grueling process to get a medical marijuana card in your state is annoying, but well worth it in the long run. I use cannabis twice a day which seems to make my life much closer to normal than ever.

I use it in the morning because I tend to wake up feeling pretty stiff and a little swollen. Cannabis or CBD oil for (SLE) Lupus does not have a negative unnatural effect on any of the prescription medications I take either.

I also use it at night a few hours before my desired bedtime so I am no longer watching overnight reruns of the news all night. Prior to using medical marijuana for my autoimmune conditions, I would be wide awake until around seven or eight a.m. before my eyes would eventually close.

For some, it may take some getting used to. You may need to try very low doses until you can assess your tolerance and comfort level. I can definitely say, without hesitation, Lupus can be naturally treated with Cannabis (CBD oil) and natural foods that reduce inflammation.

This is a conversation worth having with your doctor. It could change your life and take you back to the days of near normalcy.




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How Do I Avoid a Lupus Flare Up?

If you have been wondering how to stop or avoid a Lupus flare up, I’ve got some great tips for you.

  • Avoid direct sunlight whenever possible. Stay indoors during the day when the sun is hottest. (10 a.m-3 p.m)  If you must go outside, be sure to wear protective gear such as wide brim hats, visors, light colored clothing, and really dope sunglasses.



  •  Avoid stress. Physical and mental stress are major Lupus triggers. So stay calm…and avoid stress. In other words, stay away from people and situations that will piss you off.



  •   Exercise. This one can be difficult for some who experience shortness of breath and/or  joint pain and inflammation. But do your best to find activities to keep you active.



  • Get plenty of rest. Many people may experience sleep problems, but you have to try hard to shut your overactive mind down and get some beauty sleep.



  • Take your medications as prescribed. Set an alarm or if you need a reminder to take your meds on time. If your meds are causing side effects that are too difficult to handle, be sure to consult your doctor for alternatives.



  •  Avoid foods that cause inflammation. Things like dairy, sugar, grain fed meats, and bad fats are very likely to cause inflammation in your body. Stay away from them.

Follow the tips above and your body will surely thank you for it.

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